Mathijs Tromp

Baker X Deathwish Eurotour Amsterdam 2013

  • Baker-Deathwish-Demo-Skatepark-Amsterdam-kids-hyped
  • Baker-Deathwish-Demo-Skatepark-Amsterdam-Andrew-Reynolds-Bs-Flip
  • Baker-Deathwish-Demo-Skatepark-Amsterdam-Andrew-Reynolds-Fs-flip
  • Baker-Deathwish-Demo-Skatepark-Amsterdam-Andrew-Reynolds
  • Baker-Deathwish-Demo-Skatepark-Amsterdam-beagle
  • Baker-Deathwish-Demo-Skatepark-Amsterdam-Bryan-Herman-Andrew-Reynolds
  • Baker-Deathwish-Demo-Skatepark-Amsterdam-Bryan-Hermankopie
  • Baker-Deathwish-Demo-Skatepark-Amsterdam-Chicken-bone
  • Baker-Deathwish-Demo-Skatepark-Amsterdam-Cyril-Jackson-Fakie-Fs-Flip
  • Baker-Deathwish-Demo-Skatepark-Amsterdam-Cyril-Jackson
  • Baker-Deathwish-Demo-Skatepark-Amsterdam-Dee-Oestrander
  • Baker-Deathwish-Demo-Skatepark-Amsterdam-Jelle-Maatman-50-50
  • Baker-Deathwish-Demo-Skatepark-Amsterdam-Dustin-Dollin

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  • maillot monaco 2009 2013

    16 augustus 2013 at 14:06

    I have no idea how you do this but I’m completely fond of this blog.

  • Giovanni Ramlakhan

    1 augustus 2013 at 20:42

    Baker had always been one of my favorite skate groups, nontheless my favorite skaters as well..just an original group that has the love and soul for skateboarding..My only wish would be that they could visit my country, motivate the skaters here, cus they really have the potential. please check out our local page on facebook: Skaters of Suriname ( ).

    Your reply would help a lot…lots of thanks, Gio..


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